Icon Factory

Generate mobile app icons with all sizes easily

Splash Generator

Generate iOS and Android mobile app splash images easily

Ruihong Monitor

SSL/TLS certificates and websites monitor

Random user generator

Generate random user infos for test cases



High-resolution, support background color and custom size

ico file generator

Convert images to ico icon file with multiple dimensions

Generate short URL

Easy to share with short URL; Customizable suffix

JSON and PHP converter

Easy to convert between JSON and PHP array

Unix timestamp

Convert between Unix timestamp and time, multiple timezones and formats

Guess gender from name

Guess gender from Chinese name, score the degree of the gender

China phone number

Query the location and carrier of the phone number (first 7 digits)

International phone number

Validate the phone number, query the country/area and convert the formats


Ruihong Blog

Share tech articles, know what is in vogue