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{ "name": "Ruihong Tech", "url": "https://wuruihong.com", "version": 1720951344, "tools": [ "SVG to PNG/JPG", "ico file generator", "Generate short URL", "JSON and PHP converter", "Unix timestamp", "Guess gender from name", "China phone number", "International phone number", "Timer" ] }
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<?php return [ 'name' => 'Ruihong Tech', 'url' => 'https://wuruihong.com', 'version' => 1720951344, 'tools' => [ 'SVG to PNG/JPG', 'ico file generator', 'Generate short URL', 'JSON and PHP converter', 'Unix timestamp', 'Guess gender from name', 'China phone number', 'International phone number', 'Timer', ], ];
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